STEM Robotics 101

FIRST® Washington makes it easy for teachers and districts to enliven STEM education, whether you are new to robotics or have an existing program. You’ll have ready access to online toolkits, step-by-step instructions, and connections to resources—industry partners, financial support, and technical help. Resources for teachers include:

  • STEM Robotics 101, a free, customizable, Online Curriculum for teaching STEM and computer science using the LEGO® EV3 platform
  • STEM Robotics 101 Professional Development, a two-day hands-on workshop that gets you using the curriculum with skill and ease
  • Advanced Topics Professional Development, including Advanced LEGO® Programming, Robo-Math, Robo-Science, Data Logging, Technology-demystification lessons, Java Programming on LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3, and FIRST® LEGO® League Primers
  • A large and Active Community of teachers and mentors who share their expertise to support your program

Energize Students

Helping you energize students and change their world

STEM Robotics 101 is a free turn-key curriculum with all the tools you need to bring the fun of hands-on robotics into the classroom and transfer STEM concepts to real-world applications.

Locally developed, deployed worldwide
Developed by the Olympia School District (OSD) and deployed worldwide with the help of two National Science Foundation projects, the curriculum is adaptable to a wide range of student and teacher needs.

STEM Robotics 101 has an OSPI-approved master CTE Framework aligned with Common Core Math and ELA, NGSS, and Washington computer science standards and model Leadership Equivalencies and Programs of Work aligned with FIRST®.

All the tools you need
Detailed instruction guides make it easy not only to grasp the concepts, but to fire up your students. The guides help develop 21st-century skills including creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork in an active learning environment. The vast collection of resources includes instructional material, assessments and judging rubrics, setup guides, videos, lectures, tips and tricks, and more.

STEM Robotics 101 is flexible. How you implement it, and which units you choose to use, are up to you. You might teach robotics as a science unit, adding time for robotics to your weekly, or dive deeper into extension activities or projects.

Learn More

LEGO®, our program and education partner, offers teacher training through the LEGO® Education Academy. Innovative courses and materials provide guidance and inspiration to teachers using LEGO® MINDSTORMS®.  Lesson plans and hands-on activities help engage and motivate students to become lifelong learners.

Professional Development

New to teaching STEM and computer science? Not a problem. Most of our teachers had never taught computer science before. One- and two-day workshops help turn elementary, middle, and high school teachers into computer science teachers. FIRST® Washington’s STEM Robotics 101 professional development can help you, too.

During the two-day STEM Robotics 101, workshop you will learn how to build and program the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 robot.  Working in pairs (just like your students), you’ll discover how to customize the rich set of resources available to engage your students faster with greater impact. Computers, software, and robots are supplied, as is the hands-on fun. STEM clock hours are available. Financial assistance is available for teachers who are supporting under-represented CS/STEM student populations.

“We would be honored to work with FIRST® Washington in any capacity to meet the teacher professional training needs in computer science. Their work sets the standard for excellence in computer science training.”

Gene Sharratt, Executive Director, Washington Association of Educational Service Districts

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Teaching STEM, robotics and computer science might seem daunting, but you’re never on your own as part of FIRST® LEGO® League. A vast community of educators – more than 400 registered, active teacher-users in Washington State and 3,700 users worldwide – are in the FIRST® Washington network.

The resources available to you include more than 4,000 pages of free curated content online. Fine answers to your questions, as well as brilliant new ideas.


Teachers who have gone through FIRST® Washington’s STEM Robotics 101 professional development program report a marked increase in knowledge, skills, and confidence. On average they rate the course 3.98 on a scale of 0 to 4.


What Teachers Say about STEM Robotics 101

“This was absolutely the best STEM class I have ever taken!”

“This is one of the best and most informative PDs I have attended.”

“Excellent! Great format for learning to use the curriculum…”

“This has been one of the best professional development opportunities in my 25 years of teaching.”


FIRST® LEGO® League welcomes you into our community – thousands strong – of teachers, students, coaches, mentors, and volunteers. Our curriculum is adaptable to every kind of teaching environment and is ready for you.

Joining the support network is easy. Sign up as a teacher, an after-school coach, or a faculty member. You may then view the assessments and answer keys, or provide ratings, comments and tags for existing resources. You may add resources to the curriculum, author new resources, or even create a customized course. The power of open source engineering creates limitless possibilities for teachers and students.

You’re the one who can bring the excitement of robotics into your school and possibly change the direction of your students’ careers and lives. What’s happening in STEM tomorrow is happening now at FIRST® Washington. Sign up now and be part of it.

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