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How do I sign up for the STEM Robotics 101 professional development program?

Interested applicants should register as soon as possible. Please be sure to complete the optional section at the end of the form if you are interested in qualifying for Tier 1 or Tier 2 scholarships.

Applications will be prioritized as described in the previous FAQ and applicants/principals will be notified of their status, any available tiered scholarships, and how to complete the final registrations (including payment of fee). A letter of support from the principal will be required as part of this final registration process.

Is the STEM Robotics 101 Professional Development eligible for STEM Clock Hours?

Yes. The STEM Robotics 101 professional development program was the first professional development program in Washington certified as “STEM clock hours” for teacher certification purposes. Participants attending the STEM Robotics 101 Introductory two-day workshop will earn 12 STEM clock hours, administrated through ESD 112.

What are the start-up costs of a STEM Robotics 101 classroom? Is help with start-up costs available?

The start-up costs for a STEM Robotics 101 classroom is about $225 per seat.

This cost estimate assumes:
1. Two students per robotics kit (ideal ratio)
2. Classroom has access to computers – Mac, PC or iPads/Chromebooks – that are less than 6 years old
3. Classroom licenses for programming and tutorial software
4. Classroom Challenge supplies
5. Teacher has completed the STEM Robotics 101 Introductory Workshop and is eligible for one-time start-up discounts (5% on kits/software from LEGO® Education.

FIRST® Washington is beginning to work on a program to help support Tier 1 and Tier 2 free or reduced-price meals schools with their classroom start-up costs. If start-up costs are a barrier for your participation as a Tier 1 or Tier 2 school, please contact Erin McCallum at FIRST® Washington, erin@firstwa.org.

What feedback have participants in the STEM Robotics 101 PD Program Provided?

Over two-thirds of the STEM Robotics 101 Introductory Workshop participants have taken the time to provide written feedback. Their complete, unedited and unfiltered feedback is available here: STEM Robotics 101 professional development participant feedback.

Who do I contact if I have more questions about the STEM Robotics 101 PD program?

Please contact Terri Campbell at  FIRST® Washington at terric@firstwa.org

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