Who will be the instructor for the STEM Robotics 101 PD?

Randy Steele of R&D Consulting (R_Dconsulting@comcast.net) will be the instructor for the STEM Robotics 101 Introductory PD.  Randy has been a STEM Education Consultant and the CTE STEM Coach for the Olympia School District since 2010. He is the primary author and curator of the STEM Robotics 101 curriculum site.

Randy entered STEM education as an “empty-nest” career following two decades as a computer chip designer and engineering manager at Intel and ST Microelectronics.  He has coached/mentored several teams for FLL, FTC and FRC competitions and has trained hundreds of Washington teachers on STEM Robotics 101.

Randy has a B.A.Sc. in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Management Sciences, a Washington State Residency Certificate in middle and high school math, and a Washington State CTE Certificate in STEM Technology, Computer Technology, Electronics and Engineering. Randy is also the inventor on 30 U.S. patents in the field of computer chip design.

What are the minimum requirements for every FIRST® LEGO® League team?

Each FIRST® LEGO® League team needs:

  • Two or more adult coaches willing and motivated to guide the team through the discovery and competition season (and beyond) – no special technical experience is required
  • Up to 10 students ages 9 to 14 willing to put in time and do any job the team needs to succeed (There are lots of important jobs available for all skill levels and interests.)
  • A suitable meeting place, either public or private, that can accommodate a 4 x 8-foot playing field table, and has internet access
  • A standard Challenge Set and a common set of rules issued by FIRST® and LEGO®
  • A paid team registration, official team number, and a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robot set
  • The desire to learn, explore, strategize, build comradery, share ideas and talents, make new friends, be accepted, and HAVE FUN!

When does FIRST® LEGO® League happen?

Teams generally form and register from May through October.

The FIRST® LEGO® League season Challenge information is released in late August. The project and build season begins after the Challenge is released.

Tournaments begin at the end of November. Tournaments – Qualifier Competitions – determine which teams earn spots at the FIRST® Championship at the end of April

There are also many off-season events in which teams can participate, strategize, hone their skills, learn new technology, meet other teams, and have fun.


How old does my child need to be to join a FIRST® LEGO® League team?

The FIRST® LEGO® League program is designed for young people ages 9-14 years old in grades 4-8.

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