Open Software and Core Values Rubric Pilots

10/02/2018 | FLL | Announcements

Our region is participating in two pilots this season: the Open Software Rule and the updated Core Values rubric pilots. Here’s what you need to know:

The Open Software Rule

FIRST® LEGO® League is responding to interest from the community to be able to use software other than MINDSTORMS EV3, NXT, or RCX to program robots for FIRST LEGO League tournaments.

Special Pilot-region only Robot Game Updates will apply in our region, in addition to the Challenge Updates posted on You need to fill out this required registration letting us know your team is choosing to participate and which software you have chosen: Open Software Pilot Registration

Go here for more detailed information on the Open Software Platform Pilot 

The Core Values Rubric

The updated Core Values rubric aligns with the new FIRST Core Values and includes the following changes:

  • Updated language for rows in all 3 award areas
  • Inspiration
    • Team Spirit replaced by Team Identity
    • Integration replaced by Impact
  • Gracious Professionalism
    • Respect and Inclusion combined into one row
    • New row added for Fairness and Integrity

More information on both of these pilots, as well as the required documents are available here on our website.

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