Resource Library: Core Values

Core Values Rubric (2018 PILOT)

Rubric scoring sheet for 2018 Pilot for INTO ORBITSM.


FIRST Steps – FLL Complete Guide

A full-year curriculum for FIRST LEGO League coaches and teachers! The curriculum guides new coaches through their initial season with FIRST LEGO League and provides standards mapping and assessments for teachers implementing FIRST LEGO League in the classroom. It is a step by step, meeting by meeting framework that allows coaches or teachers with no previous FIRST experience to lead a robotics team […]


What’s New in the Core Values Rubric (2018 Pilot)

Let’s look at what is new with the Core Values Rubric INTO ORBITSM for this year’s pilot.


Core Values Rubric Pilot

Our region is participating in a pilot of an updated Core Values rubric for the 2018-2019 INTO ORBITSM season. We will be using a different Core Values rubric from the one you will find on FIRST LEGO League websites.


FLL Tutorials

A one-stop, high-quality, open-source resource for all FIRST LEGO League teams world-wide where they can learn together. To put into practice a culture of Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition. Their Facebook site can can also be reached here.

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