Resource Library: FRC

2019-2020 FRC Sample Budget

To help you prepare for your upcoming season, please reference this budget. Every team’s budget is different, based upon your team’s goals for the year, so this is only a guide.


Autodesk Kit of Parts

To make it easier for teams to design the next great robot, FIRST® has partnered with Autodesk, to provide Autodesk® software licenses to schools who have a FIRST® program. This resource will show you how to: Access the same software used by industry professionals today, Get a jump start on the design process with a […]


Awards Based on Machine, Creativity, and Innovation

Descriptions of awards based on the mechanical side of the game, that judges will look for at competitions.


Awards Based on Team Attributes

Descriptions of awards based your team attribute, that judges will look for at competitions.


Blue Alliance

Database that includes information and statistics for all FRC teams and FRC events.


Booster Accounts – FIRST® Washington

FIRST® Washington Booster Accounts can be used by teams to keep track of finances. This document includes all the details and instructions for managing donations, spending, and other team money management.


Chairmans Award Resources

Resources for FIRST® Robotics Competition teams competing for the Chairman’s award. Video tutorials on how to sustain the image FIRST® judges are looking for and to convey that image in an essay and video presentation. Includes criteria for rookie teams and descriptions of the awards offered for rookie FIRST® Robotics Competition teams.


Chief Delphi

A collaborative blog-type forum for FRC teams to collaborate and provide help to other teams.


Deans List Resources

Resources about the Dean’s List award for both coaches and nominated students.


Electrical and Software Resources

Resources that FIRST® Robotics Competition teams can use for electrical and programming tasks.

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