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FIRST Steps – FLL Complete Guide

A full-year curriculum for FIRST LEGO League coaches and teachers! The curriculum guides new coaches through their initial season with FIRST LEGO League and provides standards mapping and assessments for teachers implementing FIRST LEGO League in the classroom. It is a step by step, meeting by meeting framework that allows coaches or teachers with no previous FIRST experience to lead a robotics team […]


Open Software Platform Pilot

Our region is participating in a pilot to open the software rule for the 2018 INTO ORBITSM season. FIRST LEGO League is responding to interest from the community to be able to use software other than MINDSTORMS EV3, NXT, or RCX to program robots for FIRST LEGO League tournaments.


EV3 Lessons was founded by Sanjay and Arvind Seshan in 2014 to provide programming lessons and tools for teams, teachers and MINDSTORMS enthusiasts. Today, has become a go-to site for everything related to MINDSTORMS and youth robotics competitions such as FIRST LEGO League.

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