Second Event Weekend!! Attention Teams Advancing!

12/05/2018 | FLL | Announcements


Greeting Coaches,

I have 3 items for you today. Qualifier events this weekend!! Everyone ready?


  1. What to Expect the Tournament Day
  2. Teams Advancing, Please Read!
  3. Volunteer’s Needed!


A Note-

I will be posting the awards for the events the week after on our website, so for the first weeks events, I will have them posted by Wednesday 12/5. Second weekend will be posed by 12/12. For those teams that advance, Semi Final assignments will be posted by 12/20.

What to expect the Tournament Day

This is now posted on our website under Team Resources – FIRST LEGO League – FIRST LEGO League Downloads. Under General Team Information. This button will open it for you as well:

Tournament Day Information for Teams

So far, my most frequently asked question is about the Core Values Poster, this is optional at the Qualifier level, and required at Semi Finals and above.

Teams advancing

Congratulations! Take a breath and read on!

Western Washington Semi-Finals are the 19th and 20th of January and your team will compete on one of those days, and I will be placing teams in Semi-Final events based on geography. We have 4 events for Western Washington, Lacey, Tacoma and 2 in Seattle.

Eastern Washington teams advance to the Eastern State Championship on January 12th.

*For all of these events the Core Values Poster and the Robot Design Executive Summary are required. Posted on our website here (on the second page) and as a button below is the pilot Robot Design Worksheet. I would like teams to use this document instead of the basic outline Robot Design Executive Summary Document that is available on our website. If you have already started or already done the other one, that is ok! You won’t get penalized for not completing the worksheet! I think the worksheet is simpler and easier for the teams and the judges to use, and would really like feedback on the worksheet from the teams.

Robot Design Worksheet


Volunteer Recruitment: If you have not identified a volunteer yet, please do it now! 

We are still short of volunteers for this weekend. Please get your team’s volunteer signed up in the registration system ASAP! If you were not able to volunteer at the Qualifiers, we still need volunteers at the Semi Final events!

Recruited volunteers should go to the FIRST website here and create a new account. Volunteers will complete the process for background screening and should select the event where they want to volunteer.  Each team is expected to recruit or provide at least one adult volunteer to work a full day at a FIRST LEGO League Qualifier event this season.

Upcoming Events/Dates

  • December 8&9: Qualifier Tournaments
  • January 19&20: Semi Finals
  • January 12: Eastern Washington State Championship
  • February 10: Western Washington State Championship

Useful Contacts


Important Links


Jacque Grimm

Program Supervisor,
FIRST LEGO League and FIRST LEGO League Jr.
FIRST Washington
p: (253) 210-0466 

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