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12/20/2018 | FLL | Announcements


Hello Coaches!

Semifinal assignments are posted!

Please understand that I did the best I could due to the location of the team and the venues I have this season. I will be working hard for next year to secure a north end Semifinal venue, but for this year please be patient with me and understand that teams are going to have to drive further, even when there might be a closer event to you. I would have had this to you sooner, but I have gone over this many times and different ways and this is the best I could do.

I cannot accommodate teams that want to switch days, but you are welcome to fill out this form and if I have a team that wants out of the location you want into, I may be able to move you, but plan on that not happening. Please let me know ASAP if your team can no longer attend the Semifinals.

Semifinal Assignments are posted here

Thank You all for your patience and have a wonderful holiday!

Upcoming Events/Dates

  • December 20: Semifinal Assignments Posted
  • January 19&20: Semifinal Events
  • January 12: Eastern Washington State Championship
  • February 10: Western Washington State Championship

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