Team Funding

Funding Opportunities

At FIRST® Washington, we connect you with the financial support your team needs through competitive grants. Three immediate opportunities are available for rookie and veteran teams. We encourage you to apply early.

OSPI iGrant

  • All public schools having a FIRST® program team in 4th through 12th grade may now apply for an OSPI iGrant. These are building-level grants.  Please work through your school’s OSPI point of contact or CTE Director to secure the iGrant application. Districts log on under the school login and look for iGrant Form 605.
  • Grant-funded teams must compete in Washington State during the FIRST® 2018/2019 season.  If your team received OSPI funding in the 2017/2018 season but did not compete in Washington State, please review eligibility requirements to apply for this grant.

FIRST® Washington Grant

This highly competitive grant directly funds teams and schools in the state’s most disadvantaged communities. If your team is in this category, please apply. Use Grant Application Form for 2018-19.

Boeing Grant

FIRST® LEGO® League – $225

Boeing Grant applications were accepted through July 31, 2018, from FIRST® mentors who are current or former Boeing employees.

  • The online grant application must be completed by the Boeing mentor.  Boeing current and former employees who have questions related to FIRST® should email the Boeing Global Engagement GRP mailbox at
  • If your team does not yet have a Boeing mentor, please reach out into your community and ask around. There are hundreds – even thousands – of Boeing employees who would love to be involved and just need to know that your team would welcome their help.

Other Funding Opportunities

There are many ways to raise money for your FIRST® team. Teams often hold fundraisers or find local sponsors.  For tips, check out the Team Fundraising Toolkit.

Contacting local businesses is great place to start. Many teams have associations with companies that have an interest in helping FIRST® teams. Others already provide grants and support. Have your team’s mentors and parents ask their employers about supporting your team. Sometimes a business’ interest in supporting a team is not discovered and funding is left on the table.

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